February 2018 Minutes


Meeting Date:             February 2, 2018


Subject:                       Chapter Board Meeting


Location:                     Interior Accents

                                    40 S School St, #100, Honolulu


Participants:                Nancy Schnur, ASID                                      President        

                                    Tiare Pinto, Allied ASID                                President Elect

         Miguel Cuadros, Allied ASID                        Membership Director

                                    Cassandra Okimoto, Allied ASID                  Communications Director

                                    Jenelyn Sison, Student ASID                         Student Board Representative


Guests:                        Layla Dedrick                                                 Professional Development                              


             Cc:                              Cee Miranda Cates                                         Hawaii Chapter Administrator


Purpose of Meeting:   Monthly Meeting



Call to Order:

  • 4:08pm


Approval of Minutes:

  • Meeting Minutes from January 5, 2018 were approved.

Unfinished Business:

  • Investment Plan
    • ACTION: Tiare speak to Rich about who he would suggest using out of the three companies.

ITEM NO. 4.1

  • Auld Lang Sine Event
    • Date: Thursday, March 15th, 2018
    • Location: Bella Pietra Showroom
    • Time: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
    • Pupu’s, Wine, & Artistic Tile: New Stone Mosaic Presentation
      • ACTION: Nancy find Marion Philpott’s digital files and send to Cassandra for Flyer.
      • ACTION: Layla email Cassandra information about Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 NKBA Event, which will be presentation again at our March 15th Event.

ITEM NO. 4.2

  • Hawaii Chapter Calendar
    •  One Group Calendar on Gmail
      • ACTION: Miguel will set up, maintain, and provide an updated calendar each meeting.

ITEM NO. 4.3

  • Maui Event
    • Date: March 2nd, 2018
    • Due to conflict, March Board Meeting will be March 16th, 2018 at Interior Accents at 4:00 pm.
      • ACTION: Cassandra to speak to Maui Members about attending event early to have a meeting.

ITEM NO. 4.4          

  • Design Crawl
    • Date: March 1st, 2018
    • Location: Park Hotel
    • California Vendors/Representatives are putting the event together.
      • ACTION: Miguel: Forward Email to all Board Members.

ITEM NO. 4.5

  • Finances: Quarterly Report
    • Nancy & Cee worked on & condensed everything together.
    • Ultimatum: Quarterly Report wasn’t submitted on time.

ITEM NO. 4.6

  • Potential Board & Committee Members
    • Connie Davis: Finance Director
      • Possible Time Conflict
    • Sonya Freitas: Position TBD
    • Martha Albanza: President Elect
      • Note: The board approached these ladies but did not get firm answers from everyone.
    • Scott Riggs: Committee Member for Fundraiser
  • Board Members Voted onto 2018/2019 Board
    • Danette Hoe: At-Large Director
    • Valerie Spence: Membership Director

ITEM NO. 4.7

  • Fundraiser
    • General Information
      • Date: June 9th, 2018 or June 16th, 2018
      • Location: Na Lama Kukui
      • Time: 10 am – 4:00 pm
      • Goal: Earn Money for Chapter & Educate Public on how design impacts lives.
        • Consider bringing in local charity and giving part of the proceeds to them.
    • Budget
      • Gross $7,000, Expenses $3,500
    • Na Lama Kukui Will Cover:
      • Media Coverage
      • Banners
      • Security
      • Tables & Folding Chairs
      • Speaker Equipment
        • ACTION: Layla will confirm with Shelly about using tables and folding chairs.
        • ACTION: Tiare will provide green full-length table cloths.
    • ASID Chapter Will Cover:
      • Advertising/Marketing
        • Hire PR
          • Jennifer Pang with Pang Communications
          • Vince Sullivan with NBNP
            • ACTION: If anyone else has a suggestion for a PR, please email all board member their information.
      • Insurance
        • ACTION: Nancy will investigate this further.
      • Transportation
        • Habitat for Humanity
          • They would pick up items, whatever is left over that isn’t wanted back by vendor will get donated to them.
          • If donors want items back, they need to pick them up.
            • ACTION: Layla will talk to her contact and let Tiare know who she needs to speak with at Habitat for Humanity.
      • Directional Signage
        • Potential Sponsor: Honblue Inc.
      • Miscellaneous Office Supplies
      • Space Planning
        • ACTION: Tiare will complete this task.
      • Live Entertainment
        • ACTION: Layla speak to George at Piano Planet.
      • Food Trucks + Cooking Demonstrations (Scott Riggs)
      • Tiny House
        • Island Tiny Homes & Tiny Pacific Houses
      • Blue Zones
        • ACTION: Nancy will contact Tiny House Individuals and Blue Zones.
      • Disability Booth
      • Ask a Designer Booth
        • Time Slots (½ and/or 1-hour sessions)
        • Individuals will pay per session
      • Design Panel Discussion
        • Well-Rounded Group of Designers
        • 3 or 4 Time Slots
      • Student Booth
        • ACTION: Speak to Joan since fundraiser will be in June.
      • Local Artist Booths
        • Required to donate a part of their proceeds to ASID.
      • Additional Booth
        • ACTION: Cassandra will create a Template PowerPoint to display ASID Gala Award Winners, Designer’s Before & After Images, Etc.
        • ACTION: Miguel will send Cassandra an example template that he already created.
      • Map & Stamp Cards for Raffle
        • ACTION: Cassandra & Jenelyn to create this together after Tiare creates the space planning layout.  
    • Committee Members
      • Nancy & Tiare
      • Joan Robertson Whittaker (Need to Confirm)
      • Scott Riggs
      • Habitat Humanity Member
      • Shelly
    • President’s Message
      • Nancy will announce the fundraiser and ask for participation from members through that e-blast message.

ITEM NO. 4.8

  • Texas Design Awards
    • ACTION: Miguel let Nancy know if he would like to participate. 

ITEM NO. 4.9

  • Membership Directory
    • ACTION: Cassandra will have a lawyer look at information release form, once approved, Nancy will send to Jessica at National to have it finalized. 
    • ACTION: Cassandra to continue looking into information for directory.

ITEM NO. 4.9

  • Contract CEU
    • Maui Event in April
    • 2 Hour Event
      • ACTION: Nancy to provide Cassandra with contact information to arrange event.



  • Meeting adjourned at 5:32pm


Next Meeting: March 16, 2018

Location: Interior Accents