January 2018 Minutes


Meeting Date:             January 5, 2018

Subject:                       Chapter Board Meeting

Location:                     Archipelago Hawaii (Tiare’s Office)

        201 Kapaa Quarry Rd, Bldg 25, Kailua, HI 96734


Participants:                Nancy Schnur, ASID                                      President        

                                    Tiare Pinto, Allied ASID                                President Elect

                                    Cassandra Okimoto, Allied ASID                  Communications Director

                                    Jenelyn Sison, Student ASID                         Student Board Representative


Guests:                        None                                 

Cc:                              Cee Miranda Cates                                         Hawaii Chapter Administrator


Purpose of Meeting:   Monthly Meeting

Call to Order:

  • 4:11pm

Approval of Minutes:

  • Meeting Minutes from November 3, 2017 were approved.

Unfinished Business:

  • Student Scholarship will be the same as last year, but the dates will be changed.
  • Elections for upcoming term need to be submitted by 01/11/18 or 01/15/18 so National can review our slate to ensure they are eligible for the position selected. Potential board members:
    • Valorie Spencer: Membership Director
    • Hinano Nahinu
    • Connie Davis

ITEM NO. 3.1

  • Finances
    • December 31, 2017 in the Bank of Hawaii Checking account we had $19,974.11.
    • Last Merrill Lynch Statement (September 2017) showed a balance of $17,503.06.
      • Last meetings approved transfer of $5,000 has not yet been finalized because the representative did not follow through and has not contacted us since.
    • Summary of the Awards
      • Profit of $5,966.21
      • $13,000 in Sponsorships
      • PayPal Tickets
        • Money to be transferred into checking account, and the last-minute tickets purchased need to be accounted for.
      • A count of complementary tickets given away to sponsors need to be done to estimate the amount spent on their meal and how that may have affected our profit margin.
      • Cee’s Bill: $1,700
        • Editing Ad’s, Folders, Binders, Etc.

ITEM NO. 3.2

  • Cee’s Contract  
    • Until we have a quorum to vote on Cee’s contract we will continue to use her services with the agreement of paying her the monthly minimum of $700.

ITEM NO. 3.3

  • February Contract Event
    • Date: February 1, 2018
    • Location: AIA Office
    • Lunch Time & Serve Lunch
  • ACTION: Nancy see who created the original flyer and then determine who will finalize it.

ITEM NO. 3.4          

  • End of the Year President’s Message
    • Great Response
    • A Maui Rotary Club Member digitize a book of the rotary club’s history and could possibly do the same for us.
      • ACTION: Nancy & Cassandra will speak to her in the upcoming Maui event on March 2, 2018.
    • ‘All Clean Design’
      • Two Events: 1st at Bella Pietra (Per Layla’s Approval) & 2nd at another location and time to allow other members to attend.

ITEM NO. 3.5

  • Investment Plan
  • ACTION: Nancy email board all investment plan documents.
    • Janet Reyes with HI Accounting is currently our CPA, she did not get back to Nancy about ways we could invest the chapters money until today. However, she only provided Nancy with a few documents.
    • Nancy also met with her financial investor, Alan, and confirmed that it would not be a conflict of interest if he were our 3rd option for the investment plan.
  • ACTION: Tiare’s husband to review Merrill Lynch, Janet’s and Alan’s documents.

ITEM NO. 3.6

  • Fundraising Event
    • Nancy will be meeting Shelly at Malama Kukui to see if we could host our fundraiser there.
    • Create a Committee for the Fundraiser

ITEM NO. 3.7

  • Maui Event
    • Location: Pacific Source
    • Time: Afternoon
    • Date: March 2nd 2018
    • Introducing Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom

ITEM NO. 3.8

  • Cee’s list of tasks that could be done by board members or the award committee in order to efficiently use her services.
    • Reviewing Design Excellence Folders/Binders
      • Use committee to do this part of the work or the communication director.
    • Reviewing, Choosing, & Editing the Images for PowerPoint & Publications.
    • Editing the Magazine
    • Collecting Payment’s & Keeping the Spreadsheet
  • Cee is the master administrator for the QuickBooks account now because she is the only constant member of the Hawaii Chapter.

ITEM NO. 3.9

  • Nancy offered her Square Reader for Mobile Payments to the Chapter
    • Nancy took a client’s deposit with it and because it was still linked it accidentally went into the chapter’s account and not Nancy’s account.
    • ACTION: Tiare will write a check to reimburse Nancy.


  • Meeting adjourned at 5:14pm


Next Meeting: February 2, 2018

Location: TBD